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The challenge today is that there is a large supply of BI products and a massive demand for them, but not all products are for all BI situations. You have to understand each particular case in order to implement the appropriate solution.

For example, it will be necessary to analyze whether the particular situation of a customer requires the implementation of a Data Lake or a Datawarehouse, or even the coexistence of both solutions.

On the other hand, there are many variables that make up the total cost of a BI project and taking into account which parts are actually…

I interviewed Josué Lima Romano from the Universidad del Congreso, Mendoza — Argentina. He is the only professor in South America to be highlighted by the Qlik Academic Program. Hear what we has to say!

Talking about leaders no longer has the same top-down stamp. Previously, the word leader was associated with a position of hierarchy. Today leaders are those agents of change who seek to share their experiences, knowledge and opportunities with others. In education, the leaders aren’t just those who teach disruptively, they are also those who can inspire their students and manage to enthuse them.

The educational…

Paloma Rojo

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